Everest: Mountain without Mercy

Everest: Mountain without Mercy


Превью к книге Everest: Mountain without Mercy. The May 1996 climbing season on Mount Everest will go down in infamy. Its story has been recounted in David Breashearss gripping IMAX film, Jon Krakauers bestseller Into Thin Air, and this NG film companion book, now updated with brilliant new panoramic photography. Written in suspenseful detail, the book documents how a courageous photographic team, facing hazards of their own, became an essential part of a rescue effort that brought some - but not all - of their companions down from the mountain alive. The new feature film, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Keira Knightley, and Robin Wright, presents the opportunity to refresh, update, and reintroduce one of National Geographics most successful titles. Added to the classic main text are fascinating updates: brief portraits of those who lived through the tragedy; a time line of subsequent climbing events on Everest, up to 2014; and never-before-published detailed panoramics of Everest and the Himalaya.

Серия Романтическая комедия (комплект из 11 книг)

1. Колина Е. Бедные богатые девочки 2. Лузина Л. Я - ведьма 3. Харрис С. Маленький секрет 4. Андерсон А. Пикасс в придачу 5. Нэп...

Книги Издательство АСТ Комната страха

Мало написать люблю, чтобы читатель понял - герой полюбил, и мало написать ужас, чтобы у нас по спине рассыпались мурашки. Автор...

The Age of Innocence

The Age of Innocence

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