Justice Is A Woman

Justice Is A Woman


Превью к книге Justice Is A Woman. The day Joe Remington brought his new bride to Fell Rise, he had already sensed she might not settle easily into his home just outside the Tyneside town of Fellburn. Making plain her disapproval of Joes familiarity with the servants, questioning the donation of food to striking miners families - these objections and more soon rubbed Joe and the local people up the wrong way, a problem he could easily have done without. But in the long run, would Bettys presence only serve to widen the rift between husband and wife, or would she help to bring about a reconciliation? For this was 1926, the year of the General Strike, the effects of which would nowhere be felt more acutely than in this heartland of the North-East. Then when Elaine became pregnant, she saw it as a disaster and only the willingness of her unmarried sister Betty to come an see her through her confinement made it bearable.

М. П. Загребельный Павло Загребельный

Сын украинского писателя Павла Загребельного, которого еще при жизни называли классиком, – Михаил написал о своем отце книгу. «Павло Загребельный» – так называется книга-биография, которая...

Аллуш Р. Мы все в шаге от диабета

Ofelia: A Love & Rockets Book

In Ofelia, the sisters, the kids, and the cousins are all settled comfortably in California after leaving Palomar in Luba and...

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    Что касается непосредственного места службы, их судьба свела вновь: они служили в одном военном городке в Новосибирской области, где находилось руководство и материальная база пограничного отряда. Как будто бы автор говорит: "Я мог бы взять топор - и пойти рубить старух, но я взял фотокамеру и пошел снимать негров.

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